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Welcome to the Grout Family Photograph Page!

These photos were taken between about 1886 and 1974. You can see some of my current family photo`s on my home page.

I have also created separate pages of old Evans family photos and old Line family photos.

These photos are uploaded here in reduced resolution. If you would like a full resolution copy I would be glad to E Mail you one.

Eleanor Grout sent me this photo in the 1980’s. There is an inscription on the back but it’s a bit cryptic and it’s taken some sleuthing to figure out who everyone is. The woman in the top row center and man to far right are described as “grandma” and “grandpa”. I’m assuming they are Catherine and Braman.

Christmas 1914

Top row
Herald Smith, (Gertrud’s husband) Gertrude, Catherine (White) Uncle Harry, Braman

Alfred, (son of Alfred and Viola) Viola (Crocker), (Alfred’s wife) Aunt Martha, Maud, (Berkley), (wife of the photographer Harry) Alfred (oldest son of Braman)

Bottom row
Catherine, Elisabeth, Eleanor (Daughters of Alfred and Viola)

Grouts in 1924 Alvan Lory Grout is to the far right. My father Milton and his younger brother Vernon are the boys in the middle. Beyond that we can only guess. The only inscription on the back says “Taken around about Wachusett”.
Here is a photo from about 1924.

On the back of this photo it reads,
Catherine E (White) Grout, Daughter Alonzo White

Ethel (Evans) circa 1886, married to Alvan Lory Grout. Picture from Laura Ann.

Ethel and Milton on a hill Ethel and Milton on a ferry
Ethel and Milton on a hill. Date and location unknown. Ethel and Milton on a Ferry. Date and location unknown.

Alvan and Milton circa 1915. We think that is cousin Eleanor with them.

Milton and Vernon circa 1918.

This is a Christmas card sent out in 1948.
Eleanor wrote that Alonzo White built the house and Catherine inherited it.

Here is a Google map to the house.

This is a photo of George Grout, I`m guessing circa 1900. George was Braman’s older brother
and served with him in the Civil War in the 25th Massachusetts, Company H.

The house at 83 Olean Street, Worcester, MA, in 1945.

Ethel with Richard and Karen circa 1947

Milton (Left) and Vernon in Uniform.

Milton Lory Grout on a beach near Seattle in 1950.

Milton Grout and family visit Florida in 1958.
From L to R, Ethel, Alfred?, Milton holding Robert, Elizabeth and Judy in front, unknown, unknown, unknown, Louise; wife of Milton.

Alvan and Ethel Grout in 1960

Alvan Lory Grout in Florida, 1974.

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