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Welcome to the Line Family History Page!

Greetings, this is the story of the Line family from Maryland dating back to the early 1700s. We know much about the family because my Great Grandfather, Dr. Lemuel Line, wrote a family history in 1893. The family traces its roots to Martin Lyon, born about 1712, who grew up near Lancaster Pennsylvania. Around 1760 he set off to 'the sunny hills of Maryland' where he settled near Boonsborough, today known as Boonsboro. He purchased a property known as the Fellfoot.

This web site was created to honor our ancestors and help others researching their genealogy, whether Line or otherwise related. Please feel free to Email me or go to my home page.

The Lemuel Line family about 1901
Left to right; Lemuel, Ruth, Mary (Campbell), Robert

[Text in black on this page from the Lemuel Line booklet; Family Record of Martin Lyon and his Descendants, Pub. 1893.
(and thanks to Judy Reynolds for transcription). Text in blue is information added since 1893 from a variety of sources.]

Last updated: 3 March 2015

I. Martin Lyon

``From whence he (Martin) came will probably never be known, for the only authentic report we have of his doings is that he and a brother resided at or near the present City of Lancaster, PA``
August 1760 he left for 'the sunny hills of Maryland' 'he soon selected a part of the Fellfoot and the Grove situated in Washington, County, Md, near the present town of Boonsborough'
Original deed for the Line Farm made Sep 6, 1760
``His life, like many of the settlers of America, was partially devoted to agriculture and hunting, the needs of the family were always looked after and his many trips made in the woods brought forth an abundant supply of game, so farming was always conducted upon a small scale.``

A good account of early Washington county, Maryland history is found here, and a map of original settlers, here.

I. Martin Lyon, b. Abt. 1712, d. 1805, m. Catherine (?), b. Abt. 1732, d. Abt. 1807

Children born in Lancaster, PA

1. John, hatter in Boonesborough, Md, no descendants left
2. Henry Line, b. 1763, d. 15 Jan 1829, m. 1st, 14 Feb 1786 (Anna) Margaretha Bens, b. 18 Feb 1764, d. 18 May 1806, m. 2nd, 18 May 1806, the widow Mary Snively
Henry was a tanner in Shepherdstown, W.Va and a Counselor for the town and managed various civic structures.

Children born to Henry Lein and Margaretha:

1. Elizabeth, b. Bfr 1787, m. Adam Hyser
2. Catharine, b. 1788, d. 25 Mar 1861
3. Daniel, b. Abt 1788, m. 27 Apl 1814 Elizabeth Rousch
4. George, b. Abt 1788
5. Jacob, b. 1789, d. 1789.
6. Johannes, b. 21 Feb 1791, d. 1 Mar 1791
7. Magdaleen, b. 18 Aug 1794, d. 10 Sep 1795
8. Jacob, b. 12 Jan 1796, d. 8 Aug 1863, m. Mary Barton Wysong

NEW! Grave markers for Henry, Margaret, Jacob and others have been located at the Reformed Graveyard in Shepherdstown West Virginia. View them starting with Henry at Find a Grave.

3. Jacob, b. Abt 1758, d. 30 Jul 1832, m. (?), farmer, father bought him George Baker farm, descendants in Keedyville, Md
[Name spelled 'Lyne' in 1800 census]

Children born to Jacob Line

1. John, b. Abt 1792, d. 16 Mar 1836, m. Magdaline Foltz
2. Sarah, b. 28 Aug 1795, d. 11 Nov 1875

4. Elizabeth, b. 2 Apl 1756, d. 13 Apl 1837, m. Lockwood Kemp in Lancaster, PA, moved to Md w/father

Children born at Fellfoot near Boonesborough, Md. after 1760

5. Mary, b. Abt 1764, m. John Nicodemus 'upon their death their child Mary was taken care of by her Grandparents'

Children born to Mary Line and John Nicodemus

1. Mary, b. 24 Dec 1784, d. 6 Nov 1867, m. Jacob S. Snyder

6. Catherine, m. Wendell Close, little else known
7. Barbara, m. Frederick Wolf, unable to trace descendants
8. George, see below

``I give and bequeath unto my son George Lyon his heirs and assignees forever in fee simple 208 acres of land being part of a parcel of land called Fellfoot, and which he and myself now live on and occupy.``
From the will of Martin Lyon

An official archive transcription of the will of Martin Lyon can be found here with some interesting variations including his name spelled 'Lein', the notation, 'In German', and this: 'Additional Comments: Note written on edge of Will says, 'Crystal Caverns on this farm on road Boonsboro Keedysville Md'.

And from the Washington County, Maryland Cemetery Records, Volume II, page 92, we get this: (Grave)'stone moved to Shepherdstown, WV, churchyard in iron fence'. (Thanks to Lynne Simpson for researching this)

Update: We can now assume this is the Reformed Graveyard in Shepherdstown West Virginia. Grave markers have been found there for Henry, Margaret, Jacob and others but not yet for Martin. If anyone lives in the area perhaps you could look. They may be within an iron fence?? View them starting with Henry at Find a Grave.

II. George Line

Martins youngest son, George Line (who changed the spelling of his last name to the current form) inherited the Fellfoot about 1805 and continued to farm it.

This is the house known as 'George Line's House'
Photo taken 2008

II. George Line, b. Abt. 1767, d. 26 Jul, 1831, m. Margaret Hoover, b. (?), d. 15 Jan. 1850 At time of marriage George was 'about the age of 26'

[Many of these early birth dates don't match up with other dates and some are surely wrong.]

Children born at Fellfoot near Boonesborough, Md

1. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Toms

Children of Elizabeth Line and Mr. Toms

1. A son, went to Indiana to live
2. Elizabeth, m. Mr. Fleharty

Children of Elizabeth and Mr. Fleharty

1. Elizabeth, m. Anthony McBride

2. Catherine, b. 6 Jul 1784, d. 11 Dec 1846 m. George Petre, moved to Virginia
3. Jacob, see below
4. Polly, m. Conrad Thompson (blacksmith) Lived in Boonesborough, Md

Children of Polly Line and Conrad Thompson

1. Margaret, b. 1814, m. Ezra Birely

Children of Margaret Thompson and Ezra Birely

1. Charles, Indianapolis Ind
2. William, Billings, Mt
3. George, California

5. John, 'Died at an early age and was buried in the graveyard on Fellfoot'
6. Margaret, 1793 d. on May 18, 1863
'her home was made with her brother Jacob and after the death of Leah Line she took an active part in bringing up the children of her brother Jacob' to whom she was known as Aunty

On September 17, 1862, The George Line Farm would enter the Civil War history books as the place where Union General Mansfield died during the Battle of Antietam, known as ``the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, with about 23,000 casualties``. The family farm was used by the Union Army both as a staging area before the battle and the farm house as a hospital after. The farm was situated just North of the left flank of the Confederate army, an area commanded by Stonewall Jackson, and Northwest of the infamous 'corn field', where its said 8,000 combatants were killed or wounded in less than 3 hours, the field exchanging hands no less than 15 times.

``The men of the Brigade that was halted on the George Line farm wondered what ill fate had directed them to be bivouacked on a freshly manured field.`` [sounds to me George was out there working hard!]
From: Landscape Turned Red, the Battle of Antietam, By Stephen W. Sears

Here is a map from page 183 noting the location of the Line farm in the upper right just under `Williams`

The plaque at the end of the driveway to George Line`s House

Here's a Google Map of the area today. The George Line Farm is North of the center of the battle field off Smoketown Road.

The infamous 'corn field', (looking West). The George Line farm is off to the Right of the picture.
Photos by Robert Grout, May, 2005

Near the George Line farm, September 17, 1862
Due to the long exposures necessary for cameras at the time, 'day of the battle' pictures like this one are exceedingly rare.
This one shows farm land that would have been very familiar to Reuben and Lemuel.

``with it came destruction to all the growing crops as well as the poultry, hogs, and three horses. Besides this any thing that was of any value was destroyed by either one or the other of the Armies.`` Lemuel Line, 1893

It is difficult to imagine the horrors the family witnessed that week, but it may be no coincidence that the next two generations moved back and forth from the area several times. It may also be no coincidence that two of Reubens sons became Doctors and one a Minister.

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III. Jacob Line

III. Jacob Line, b. 29 Dec 1792, d. 29 Apr 1879, m. Leah Nicodemus
'He being the only son living it was but natural that he should inherit the homestead, the heir of all of Fellfoot'

Leah Nicodemus parents were adjoining farmers, their farmhouse being a center of activity in the battle of Antietam and eventually destroyed.

Children born at Fellfoot near Boonesborough, Md., of Jacob Line and Leah Nicodemus

1. John b. 1819
'sent to school in Boonesborough for several terms' 'he was married at an early age, and immediately after his marriage his Father bought a farm on Beaver Creek for his occupancy.' At the present time at the age of 84 he is living on a farm that is owned by himself near Bretherdsville, Md
2. Marietta, b. 31 Oct 1826, d. 3 Mar 1911, m. Adam Hutzel, died of pneumonia 1891
Resided for many years near the town of Keedysville, Md, but after the death of her Father, her husband bought the farm known as Fellfoot.

Children of Marietta Line and Adam Hutzel

1. Jacob, b. 1849, d. 1929, farmer
2. Marieta, b. 1851, d. 1886, m. Mr. Cornelius Snively

Children of Marieta and Mr. Snively

1. Lena
2. Marietta
3. Harvey

3. John, b. 1854, resident of California
4. Thomas, b. 1856, live with Mother
5. Harvey, live with Mother
6. Etta, live with Mother
7. Florence, live with Mother
8. Edward, Washington, D.C.

3. Samuel, b. Abt. 1827 d. at age 15 years
4. Reuben Henry, see below
5. Sophia, b. 1834
Being the oldest daughter a great responsibility fell upon her shoulders when, her Mother died leaving a number of small children to be looked after, with the assistance of Aunty (see Margaret Line above), remained single
As of 1893 she and her brother Jacob lived together in Boonesborough, Md
6. Jacob E., b. 30 Apr 1836 'an invalid all his life'
7. Allan, b. 10 Nov 1837, m. Annie Alabaugh
In connection with his brother Thomas, farmed Fellfoot together until after the death of his Father he bought a small place lying on the Turnpike leading from Boonsborough to Frederick, and about one mile from the former place.

Children of Allan Line and Annie Alabaugh

1. Emma

8. Thomas F., b. 20 May 1841, d. 23 Jul 1893, m. Malinda 'Lina' Toms, a daughter of Jacob Toms
Moved on a farm owned by his Father-in-law, and after his death his wife fell heir to the farm, and soon afterwards, they bought property, and moved to the town of Boonsborough Md.

Children of Thomas F. Line and Lina Toms

1. Flora b. Abt 1873
2. Ida b. Abt 1875
3. Clara b. Abt 1877
4. Frank b. Nov. 1879

9. Clara, b. 2 Sep 1843, d. 23 Jul 1920, m. Isaih Ringer
Followed huckstering for many years, near Keedysville Md, moved to Baltimore

Children of Clara Line and Isaih Ringer

1. Edward, Baltimore, in business
2. Kansas, Baltimore, in business

10. Jacob, b. 1794, d. 13 Apl 1879, m (?), d. 18 Feb 1852
Lived to 84 years old. Buried in Boonsborough Cemetery, where a monument is erected

The remains of the stone house near Boonsboro Maryland where many generations of Lines were born.
Photo taken around 1934

It is unclear to me if this house fell into decline or if it was partially destroyed in the battle of Antietam.

IV. Reuben Line

This is the house Rueben lived in Nebraska
Left to Right; Robert Campbell Line, Reuben, Seetta (probably), Jacob, (Uncle Jake)
Photo taken about 1896

Four generations of Lines
Standing Left to Right; Thomas Henry, Thomas Brantner
Seated, Rueben, Margaret, Baby Evelyn
Photo taken about 1911
A group portrait of Reuben and Margaret Line

IV. Reuben Henry Line, b. 30 Oct 1830, d. 16 Jan 1913, m. Margaret Rebecca Thomas b. 29 May 1856, d. 5 Sep 1917

1856 About this time his (Reubens) Father built the stone house situated one fourth mile north of the turnpike
Oct 3, 1857 accident with a colt 'he was unable to do any work for almost a year, and he has never been able to walk without limping.'
Oct 14, 1864, For eight years he had faithfully farmed a portion of Fellfoot, when against the wishes of his folks he concluded to move to Ohio. Moved to Winchester Preble County, Ohio.
March 14, 1868 moved back to Md on promise of his Father to buy him a farm but it was thought best not to purchase, again he moved his family in the stone house on the home farm. Lived in stone house 3 1/2 years
Moved to Bretherdsville, Md with the intention of farming his Brother-in-laws place but on account of some disagreement he left the place in the spring and moved to Boonsborough, Md. and lived on church street in that town for twelve years.
April 1884 purchased 80 acres of land within a mile of Marquette Nebraska where his son Thomas was practicing medicine.
Spring of 1884 (?) he moved his family from the east, and began life again as a farmer

Margaret was the daughter of Daniel and Margaret Thomas, who were prosperous farmers adjoining the Lines

Children of Reuben Henry Line and Margaret Rebecca Thomas Line Born in the Stone house at Fellfoot near Boonsborough, Md

1. Thomas Henry b. 21 Apl 1858, d. 25 Feb 1923, m. 24 Feb 1886 Mary R Brantner (ancestors Brantners and Leighters were early settlers in Western Maryland)
1878 moved to Omaha, Nebraska to study medicine
1881 graduated from Rush Medical College in Adeline , Illinois
1883 moved to Marquette, Nebraska

An excellent account of Dr. Thomas Lines life is found at the Nebraska Society, (scroll to the bottom).

Children of Thomas Henry Line and Mary R Brantner

1. Thomas Brantner b. 28 Feb 1888, d. 26 Dec 1968, m. Clara Bell Tyler, b. 1888, d. 1986

Children of Thomas Brantner and Clara Bell (Tyler)

1. Evelyn B., b. 1911
2. Lucille Ilene Line, b. 1915, d. 13 May 2000, m. 1938, Frank James Aregood, b. 1916, d. 1984

2. Emma Kate b. 1 Jan 1890 d. 19 Jun 1890
3. Alpha A. b. 12 Jun 1891

Thomas Henry Line around 1894
With his family about 1891

2. Clarence Christian b. 11 Sep 1860, d. (?)
Learned cigar business, quit due to injuring his health,
1884 moved to Ogalalla, Nebraska for 8 years. Received deeds for 160 acres under homestead act and the same under the timber culture act
As of 1893 he was living with his parents to assist them on the farm in Marquette, Nebraska

Clarence Line

3. Lemuel McClellan, See below

4. Seetta Elizabeth b. 29 Jul 1863
1884 move to Marquette, Nebraska with her parents
1885 went to Ogalalla, Nebraska to keep house for her brothers Thomas and Lemuel
1890 moved back to Marquette, Nebraska to live with her parents

Seetta 'Etta' and Emma 'Belle' Line

Children born to Reuben and Margaret at Winchester Ohio

5. Jacob Edward b. 5 Jun 1865 Butcher business
1885 moved to Ogalalla to manage Line Bros, Drug Store owned by brothers Thomas and Lemuel. Later he bought out his brother Thomas interest in the store.
1893 closed the store

Jacob 'Uncle Jake' Line Uncle Jake and Lemuels daughter Ruth, photo taken about 1919

6. Francis Marian b. 14 Mar 1867
1891 graduated from theological seminary. Moved to Everett, PA where he was ordained as a Minister of The Reformed Church.
28 Oct 1891 m. Ada M. Smaling of Lancaster, PA (Smalings and Martzolls were some of the first settlers of Lancaster County, PA)
May 1893 moved to Tyrone (sp?) Pa (?)

Children of Francis Marian Line and Ada M. Smaling

1. Emma Marguerite b. Dec 1, 1892, m. Jesse M. Hodge, b. 1896

Children of Emma Marguerite and Jesse Hodge

1. Francis M. b. 1920

2. Francis M., b. 1894
3. Clarence S., b. 16 Sep 1896, m. Elizabeth, b. 1896

Francis Marian Line around 1890
With his family about 1901

Children born to Reuben Henry Line and Margaret in the stone house at Fellfoot near Boonsborough, Md

7. Emma Arabella b. 14 Nov 1868, d. 13 Jan. 1908
Remained home with her parents and moved with them to Marquette, Nebraska

8. Edward E. b. 9 Jul 1870 d. 10 Oct 1870

9. Clara C. b. 16 May 1872 d. 29 Jul 1872

More Line family photos can be found on my Flickr Photo site.
Click the first photo in the set, then click the next thumbnail photo to the right. Photos are arranged by date, although some dates are only guessed at.

V. Lemuel McClellan Line

Lemuel Line and Mary (Campbell)

V. Lemuel McClellan, b. 14 Nov 1861, d. 5 Apr 1917, m. 3 Sep 1890 Mary Alice Campbell, b. 5 Nov 1862, d. Aft. 1930

Lemuel was born in the stone house on Fellfoot. He attended the Public School of Boonsborough. At the age of eighteen he graduated from the high school, and soon after this, he commenced clerking for C.E. Shafer
1881 he moved to Adeline, Illinois to study medicine under his brother Thomas.
From Jun 1881 to Dec 1891 he and his brother Thomas owned a drug store in Ogalalla, Nebraska
Fall of 1881 he returned home and began a drug business with Uncle Jacob under the firm name of J.E. and L.M. Line. Later disposed of the store to resume medical studies.
1884 graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore, Maryland, moved to Marquette, Nebraska
Sep 3, 1890 married Mary Alice Campbell in DeWitt Iowa
Dec 5, 1891 moved to Grand Mound, Iowa

Mary Campbell was born at DeWitt Iowa. Her Father Robert H. Campbell was a farmer then opened a Lumber Yard. Their ancestors came from Scotland. She attended College at Ada Ohio. She taught school in Ogalalla, Nebraska for ten years.

An excellent account of Lemuel Lines life is found in The Progressive Men of the State of Montana.

In 1893 Lemuel published a booklet; Family Record of Martin Lyon and his Descendants

In 1894 they moved to Columbus Montana where Lemuel opened a practice, bought a drug store and was a surgeon for the Northern Pacific Railroad. He became a well known doctor in the area. He once fixed a broken arm for 'Calamity Jane' and attended to the famous Chief Rain-in-the-Face just before his death.

Children of Lemuel McClellan Line and Mary Alice Campbell

1. Robert Campbell see below
2. Ruth, b. June, 1899, m. Mr. Heathcote

Children of Ruth (Line) and Mr. Heathcote

1. James
2. Mary
3. William

Ruth Line, about 1920

Line Drug, perhaps 1890s

Inside Line Drug

VI. Robert Campbell Line

Robert Campbell Line
Louise (Chapman)

Robert Line, (far right), about 1912

Louise (Chapman) about 1918

VI. Robert Campbell Line, b. 26 Jul 1891, d. Oct. 1982, m. Louise Chapman, b. 15 Feb 1892, d. Jan. 1985

Robert owned general stores, was an Importer, and Dean of the School of Business Administration at the University of Montana in Missoula.

Children of Robert Campbell Line and Louise Chapman

1. Louise Line, b. 22 Oct. 1919, d. 25 June 2014, m. Milton Grout (link to Grout family website)
2. Harriet Line, b. 1922, m. David Flaccus
3. Robert Campbell Line, b. 1923, m. Ann Michelle (Stock)
4. David Chapman Line, b. 1926

The Line family in Missoula Montana, about 1936
Left to Right; Harriet, Bob, Robert, Dave, Louise, Louise

The Fellfoot Ranch near Missoula Montana.
The ranch enjoyed a natural spring that fed this pond.

The Fellfoot Ranch around 1940.

Dave Line and Louise (Grout) with Robert and Louise Line seated, 1980

More Line family photos can be found on my Flickr Photo site.
Click the first photo in the set, then click the next thumbnail photo to the right. Photos are arranged by date, although some dates are only guessed at.

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