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11, 10, 9 questions to answer on the history of the Grouts in America

Updated : 26 May 2013

There are a number of questions about Grout family history that are presently unanswered. However, each year sees more information available on the internet and clues are uncovered about those ancient times as people dig through old documents for answers.

Do you have an interest in pursuing some of these intriguing questions? Do you live near a place you could go to do some research? Could you afford to take on one of the questions that incur costs? If so, here are the questions I’ve identified and some clues to get you started. There are many more no doubt but these are good to start with.

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(1) Is Sir Richard Groutte the American Grout`s ancestor?

Some records in England may give clues.

(2) Is there a record of the Groutte Coat-of-Arms?

One should be at the College of Arms, but it may be costly to locate.

(3) Are the Grout ancestors from England or the European continent?

A DNA test may provide the answer, for a fee.

Solved! We now know from DNA testing the Grouts of America are originally from Germany. Read about the DNA test results Here.

(4) Are there any records of Ancestors of Capt. John Grout before 1587?

Records from St. Mary Coslany in Norwich may provide an answer, but you may have to go there in person.

(5) Is Sir Richard Groutte the grandfather or great grandfather of Capt. John Grout?

Again, records from St Many Coslany may have the answer.

(6) What was the name of the ship the first Grouts came on to America?

Locating their names on a ship's passenger list may shed some light.

(7) What was the name of Capt. John Grout`s father?

A ships list would tell us.

(8) Who all left England aboard the ship? What were there ages? Did Capt. Johns mother die before they left England or it transit?

(Ships List!)

(9) Who was Capt. John's first wife, Mary ---- ?

Found! We now know who the Grouts first American grandmother was! It turns out that the Cutler family traces their American roots to a James Cutler, born 1606 who married Anne Cakebread, born 1610. According to Cutler family history, and at least one book, Anne was said to have come to America with her sister who married “Ensign Grout”. The sisters could well have been sisters to Thomas Cakebread, or perhaps cousins.

So Mary ---- was Mary Cakebread, born probably around 1616. We don`t know a lot about her at this point, but sources state; `The tradition is that these two sisters were Puritans, and together sought their fortunes in America, coming from England "unattended by parents, husbands or lovers." And that Anne ; `had been so "tantalized and tormented for her Puritanism" in England that she and her sister had come alone and unattended to the Puritan Colonies.` `She was "a woman of Puritan faith, and `of wonderful decision, energy, and enterprise.`"

(10) Where is the grave of Capt. John Grout? (Or many of our other ancient relatives?)

Capt. Johns grave should be around Wayland.
Just East of the original Watertown homestead, there is a graveyard on the corner of Mt. Auburn and Arlington Streets. Johns first wife Mary should be there, but no marker is known.

(11) What did the "Flight of Colors" assigned to Capt. John Grout look like?

In the June 24th 1668 Sudbury town Record the counsel states ``Ordered that Ensign Jno Grout and Thos. Stevens shall with part of this mony by Silke for a sutable Flight of Collors for the use of the Millitary Company``
What did this flag look like? Was it similar to others known at the time? Here are a couple web sites with pictures of period flags.
Click here
And here

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